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Take control of your quoting process with vloxq CPQ connected to your CRM and ERP

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This is how you reclaim the control of your pricing and quoting

Stop using spreadsheets and document templates. Take control of your profitability and reduce risk of the human factor with vloxq CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) directly connected to your CRM.
Collect everything in one place
Collect calculations, price lists, attachments, terms and everything else you need to make an offer in vloxq CPQ.
Connect vloxq CPQ with your CRM and, potentially, your ERP to create a seamless quote flow.
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Reduce risk
Ensure the correct items and prices are offered and that your profit maximization guidelines are followed. All quotes created become consistent.
Save time
Users of vloxq CPQ usually save up to 90% of the time it used to take to create a quote. Administrative time for the rest of the organization can also be cut.
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When should you use vloxq CPQ and why?

vloxq CPQ is a game-changer, it'll save you time and keep everything accurate, all the time you'll ensure everything is accurate. Always.
Eliminate manual spreadsheet updates

Stop depending on someone else

  • No more manual excel updates
  • Improve accuracy with predefined rules
  • Offer consistent, trustworthy quotes
  • Web application integrated with your CRM and ERP systems
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correct pricing always

Always the right pricing and margins

  • Maintain constant control over prices
  • Get visual and intuitive margin control
  • Streamline internal approval processes
  • Ensure consistency across your organization with automatic pricing.
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standardized custom quotes

Shorten the sales cycle and increase sales

  • Use a clear and consistent quotation template
  • Flexible for all business areas, customer types and markets
  • Create tailored, dynamic offers with the right content
  • Ensure quality quotes, even without salesperson involvement.
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save time

Creating quotes should be easy

  • Save up to 90% of your time
  • Boost your CRM usage
  • Get a built-in sales coach to guide you.
  • You can't go wrong with vloxq
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4,8/5 score from successful customers

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Create quotes


faster and save time for both sales and admin

Don't just listen to us. Listen to our successful customers as well.

"We have finally found the perfect solution for creating quotes with vloxq and Lime CRM. It saves both time and makes it easier to work in a customer-oriented manner and always offer the best tailored solution for our own customers."
testimonial karl johan hako

Karl Johan Lindahl

CEO, Hako Ground & Garden

"We integrated our back-end directly with vloxq, eliminating the need for excel completely. vloxq provides a visual overview and suggests an average of the transactional volumes over time. We can clearly see any seasonal variations and make adjustments as needed. Everything needed to make a final assessment is gathered in vloxq."
testimonial malin pe accounting

Malin Gilck

COO, PE Accounting

"We easily select which brands, products, and options the customer wants. Directly with the correct updated price list, special terms and product data sheets for selected products all collected in one document. The system calculates all installation costs etc. based on the conditions. Super smooth!"
Fredrik Nilsson for vloxq cpq

Fredrik Nilsson

Owner, Elon