Lime CRM integrated with vloxq CPQ
Mar 1, 2023

Lime CRM integrated with vloxq CPQ

How does Lime CRM work with vloxq CPQ? When is a CPQ linked to the business card in Lime needed? We'll find out here.

Lime CRM integrated to vloxq CPQ.

Being a successful salesperson has many advantages, but a major disadvantage is that it often means increased administration. In order for you to win a customer, a quote first needs to be created. How long it takes to create the quote varies based on what you are selling and how complex your quoting process is. The latter is usually determined by the systems you use and the number of manual steps in between.

The customer expects to receive a clear quote quickly, with all the necessary information to choose your company as their new supplier. This strengthens confidence in you as a new partner. Being able to quickly feed back to the customer with a customized and clear quote is an important reason why you as a company should use a CPQ system. It's a category of system previously often associated with large manufacturing industrial companies. Nowadays, it is much easier and cheaper to get started for all sizes of companies and in all types of industries.

Advanced calculations and margin control.

Now it is possible to replace your Excel spreadsheet and instead do difficult calculations and pricing in your Lime CRM. With vloxq margin guidance you can ensure that you always charge the right customer and stick to the desired margins, even when prices are updated on a continuous basis.

vloxq replaces separate Excel and Word documents to become the master for all logic and rulesets related to your quoting and deal. Customer and product information is retrieved from Lime CRM. If the product information is not in your CRM, it is retrieved from your ERP system instead.

With input prices and desired margins as a starting point, the salesperson gets clear guidance to keep the right price level. For those of you who wish to have attestation flows for different discount levels, vloxq CPQ together with Lime CRM supports it.

Packages, accessories and product images.

vloxq CPQ as a configurator now has access to your entire product database and service offering. Along with the knowledge of which products and services can, or even must, be combined to work in delivery.

In vloxq CPQ, salespeople are guided to choose between preconfigured products or so-called packages e.g. an entire machine. This bundling feature can also automatically suggest what accessories a product has or make suggestions for additional sales. This ensures that your customer always receives an optimal solution proposal. To enhance the impression for your customer, product images and fact sheets can be automatically sent along. You can control images of e.g. product selection or the market the customer is sitting in to get an appropriate customer story.

Dynamic and clear quotation templates.

92% of all decision-makers perceive the offer as unclear about what is actually included and why they should buy from you. This creates a lack of trust in you as a partner. According to Gartner, the number of decision-makers is constantly increasing. This makes it even more difficult to close a deal with a customer. vloxq CPQ ensures the quality of your quotes and guides you on how to best highlight your value. Together with your marketing organisation, we produce clear and graphically attractive quotes and contracts. While the quote is being configured, the seller can preview the final PDF and get a sense of control. The finished PDF is sent back to Lime CRM and updates the deal map along with the desired deal information. All fully automated. The quote is now ready to be sent directly to the customer with e-signature in Lime CRM.

Start using the CPQ platform of the future.