CPQ Evaluation Checklist - How Many Boxes Do You Tick?
May 29, 2023

CPQ Evaluation Checklist - How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

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CPQ Evaluation Checklist - How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

Revolutionizing sales processes, Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools have become invaluable assets in the modern business arena. Designed to generate streamlined, efficient, and accurate proposals, these powerful tools cater to a diverse range of business scenarios. Let's run through a checklist to see if your company could benefit from implementing a CPQ solution.

1. Businesses with many different Products or Services.

If your business offers a wide array of complex products or services, you're in the right place. Industries such as manufacturing, wholesellers/resellers, healthcare, and technology, where intricate offerings are the norm, find CPQ tools especially handy.

2. High-Volume Quote and Proposal Generators.

Are you regularly dealing with a mountain of sales quotes and proposals? CPQ solutions streamline and automate this process, making it a game-changer for high-volume generators, particularly those in the vibrant B2B space.

3. Adhering to Strict Pricing Rules.

If maintaining consistent and accurate pricing is a top priority for your organization, then check this box. CPQ solutions ensure every quote and proposal aligns with your strict pricing standards, minimizing discrepancies and upholding your brand's credibility.

4. Handling Varied Product Knowledge Levels.

Do your sales teams have varied levels of product knowledge? CPQ solutions put comprehensive product and pricing information at their fingertips, allowing every team member to confidently engage with clients and enrich the customer experience.

5. Operating with Geographically Diverse Teams.

Do you have a sales team spread across different locations? With internet-based accessibility, CPQ solutions ensure that vital information is uniformly accessible, making these tools essential for companies with teams scattered around the globe.

6. Managing Complex Pricing Structures.

If your business employs variable pricing based on factors like quantity or location, a CPQ solution can proficiently manage these complexities, providing an excellent structure for your pricing model.

In a nutshell, if you find yourself ticking most of these boxes, CPQ solutions could be a transformative asset for your company. They're designed to streamline sales operations and boost efficiency and profitability, making them a valuable tool for any organization looking to elevate their sales process. If you want to discuss and explore how a CPQ can help your company  – don't hesitate to contact us at vloxq.

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