Trends for RevOps - Webinar on Demand
Apr 1, 2023

Trends for RevOps - Webinar on Demand

Trends for RevOps 2023

If you work in a RevOps role, this is the webinar for you. Our experts will discuss the latest trends and their impact on those responsible for revenue-enabling actions. Watch the recording now to gain valuable insights and strategies for driving revenue growth.

vloxq CPQ Community Present: Trends for RevOps 2023

The challenges and opportunities facing revenue operation in 2023 is both exciting and immense. 

Watching this webinar about trends and their possible effects with our panel of experts is a great way for revenue operations (RevOps) professionals to stay informed, up-to-date and be more effective in your role 2023. 

The most critical trends and its effects that will be discussed: 

  • Why you should integrate your SaaS platform to your CRM and leverage the power of Product Led growth (PLG)
  • From Siloed Ops to Centralized Ops (=RevOps)
  • The power of customer data to create an awesome customer experience (CX)
  • Switched focus from growth by all costs to risk reduction and profitability enabling actions

The experts will discuss the trends and best practices that will help RevOps professionals to better align your teams and strategies to optimize revenue generation within your organizations. 

Additionally, the experts may provide with valuable predictions about the future and its potential impact on the RevOps function, allowing RevOps professionals to proactively adapt and plan for changes to ensure success in your role. 

Listen in to our first panel discussion in the launch of our CPQ Community as, Lotte Nedergaard Lauridsen, SaaS Lead & Co-founder of Helion B2B,  Alexander Mason, CRO at Retriever, Wilma Eriksson, CRO and Co-founder of vloxq CPQ, and Mikko Honkanen, CEO and Founder of Vainu discuss the most critical trends and its effects for revenue enablement 2023.


- A key trend from each expert 

- An in-depth discussion on the impact of these trends 

- The most essential actions for revenue operations professionals in 2023  


Lotte Nedergaard Lauridsen is Co-founder and SaaS Lead at Helion B2B with 8+ years of experience executing inbound and PLG on HubSpot for SaaS companies. Lotte is specialized in complex buying journeys, lead-gen, and marketing/sales alignment. Before co-founding Helion B2B, Lotte was head of marketing at Relesys enabling a successful IPO. 

Alexander Mason is a experienced CRO with over 20 years of successfully running customer-facing revenue teams for SaaS businesses. He is the current CRO for Retriever the Nordic market leader for communications insights. Alexander joined Retriever from Cision where he also held the CRO role.

Mikko Honkanen co-founder of Vainu and a seasoned expert in Revenue Operations, has interviewed 50+ RevOps leaders and will share the number one trend he´s seeing in this upcoming webinar. Mikko spent 6+ years at Meltwater Group before co-founding Vainu. Mikko is also on the Board for Trustmary. 

Wilma Eriksson has a background within sales and partnerships. She has extensive experience in complex solutions, in startups and scaling companies to profitability. Wilma is the CRO and Co-founder of vloxq CPQ, and Board Member for SustianLab having previously held growth roles at GetAccept and Upsales. 

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