Using CPQ Tools: The Simple Way to Get Finance and Sales Working Together
Sep 6, 2023

Using CPQ Tools: The Simple Way to Get Finance and Sales Working Together

Help CROs Boost Revenue and CFOs to get Better Financial Control

Do your sales and finance teams seem like they're speaking different languages? You're not alone. But there's a solution to this common problem - a tool called Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Today, we'll chat about how our own CPQ tool, vloxq, can help your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) work together better and boost your business.

How CPQ Tools Simplify Sales

First, let's talk about what CPQ tools do. They're like a magic wand for your sales team. With CPQ, salespeople can quickly pick the right products or services, set up the best pricing, and create payment terms. This tool makes the sales process smoother and faster, leading to happier customers.

How CPQ Tools Help CROs Boost Revenue

For a CRO, who's all about bringing in revenue, CPQ tools are a game-changer. They make sure that every deal is a win for your business by providing instant pricing and discounting rules. Plus, with vloxq, there's an approval workflow that makes sure every quote follows the rules, helping to prevent lost revenue.

Using CPQ Tools for Better Financial Control

Now, let's talk about the CFO. These tools give them a clear picture of how sales are going. With this kind of info, CFOs can make smart decisions to improve the company's financial health. With vloxq, the CFO gets real-time analytics about the sales process. It can also connect with other tools like billing systems, making sure every customer is charged the right amount. This avoids invoice errors, which means better cash flow – a big win for any CFO.

Plus, vloxq lets the CFO control who can change pricing and discounting rules through user rights management. This means better security and makes sure the company follows all the rules.

How vloxq help Sales and Finance work together

To sum up, CPQ tools like vloxq help your CRO and CFO work together. They make the sales process easier and keep your company on the right financial track. By helping these two key roles work together, your business can operate more smoothly and make more money.

If you're ready to make your sales and finance departments best friends, vloxq is here to help. Reach out to us to learn more about how vloxq can make your quote-to-cash process a breeze.

If you're a CRO or CFO and want to make things run smoother, give us a shout. Let's chat about how vloxq can help your team work better together and make your customers happier. Get in touch with us today!

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