How vloxq CPQ Simplified and Optimized MABI's B2B Agreements
May 31, 2023

How vloxq CPQ Simplified and Optimized MABI's B2B Agreements

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MABI's Journey from Spreadsheet Management to CPQ Solution

Since its inception in 1989, MABI Sverige AB has steadily increased its footprint in the Swedish car rental industry. As a part of the Hedin Group, MABI has expanded its operations to over 150 locations across the country, offering rental cars at competitive prices without compromising on service and quality.

However, like many growing companies, MABI faced a challenge in managing its collaboration agreements for their B2B customers. Previously, this process was handled through various Excel spreadsheets, which was a labor-intensive and complicated method considering the large number of factors affecting the rental prices for B2B.

A Game-changer in MABI's B2B Rental Pricing and Collaboration Agreements

As a leading player in CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), MABI chose vloxq to streamline their collaboration agreement process. vloxq, with its CPQ software, offered solutions to configure, price, and quote collaboration agreements, reducing the risk of manual errors and improving efficiency. Additionally, vloxq assisted MABI in integrating the agreed prices into their business system and supported them in renegotiating the agreements when they were due for renewal.

The implementation of vloxq's CPQ solution brought about noticeable changes in MABI's operations. The software's ability to handle complex calculations quickly and accurately meant that MABI could offer more precise pricing to its B2B customers. This improved service, combined with the saved resources that could be redistributed to other strategic areas, marked a significant step forward for MABI.

How MABI's Transition to vloxq's CPQ Solutions Elevated Their Operational Efficiency and B2B Customer Service

Stefan Sarin, Sales Manager at MABI, shared:

"Working with vloxq's CPQ solutions has positively impacted our operations. The accuracy and efficiency brought about by their CPQ software has not only improved our internal processes, but also our service to our B2B customers."

MABI's transition to vloxq's CPQ software serves as an example of how technology can be used to improve operational efficiency and customer service within the car rental industry. It underscores the importance of adapting and adopting innovative CPQ solutions to meet the challenges of business growth.

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