How vloxq CPQ Supported a 400% Profitability Increase for Retriever
Apr 22, 2024

How vloxq CPQ Supported a 400% Profitability Increase for Retriever

Boosting Profit Margins: Retriever’s Success with vloxq CPQ connected to HubSpot CRM

Solving International Scalability Challenges with vloxq CPQ Solution

Retriever had grown quickly across the Nordics but was finding it difficult to scale profitably with their existing processes and system setup. Their previous CRM system lacked integration with the InOrder order management system for pricing calculations and their customer database. It was crucial for Retriever to maintain flexibility to support the diverse needs of each country in their new combined offering. However, Retriever faced challenges in unifying its services across the Nordic countries. They needed to balance this with the ability to offer varying products, prices, and margins tailored to each market.

"vloxq was an essential part of our journey to becoming more profitable. Over two years, our profitability has increased by around 400%."
- Retriever CRO Alexander Mason

Evaluating a New CPQ Partner

In search of a comprehensive CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) tailored to their business needs, Retriever chose vloxq CPQ over competing options like HubSpot Quote and Salesforce CPQ. vloxq CPQ not only offered a specialized configuration suited to Retriever's specific requirements but also provided seamless integration with HubSpot CRM and their existing database through a unique customer integration. This integration was crucial for ensuring accurate pricing throughout the entire sales process—from quoting and renewals to upselling and invoice generation, which had been significant pain points in the past. A key factor in this decision was vloxq CPQ's ability to be customized according to Retriever’s needs—a feature they found lacking in other CPQ services.

CRO Alexander Mason has given vloxq a 5/5 Review on that you can read here.

How vloxq CPQ Supports Retriever's Way of Working

By implementing vloxq CPQ, Retriever has gained complete control over the solutions it offers, ensuring that the products and services sold are precisely aligned with customer needs, while also maintaining competitive and market-appropriate pricing. Additionally, vloxq CPQ has facilitated margin guidance and streamlined internal approval workflows, further enhancing their operational efficiency.

Results Achieved

Through hard work and close collaboration with the vloxq team, Retriever has seen a significant improvement in its operations: its NPS score has increased by 10 points, and profitability has increased by nearly 400% over two years. The vloxq CPQ solution has been instrumental in this success, providing a centralized platform that ensures accurate pricing, reduces errors, and maintains consistency across all sales processes. 

By ensuring that products are priced correctly and configured appropriately, Retriever is well-positioned to continue its profitable growth. The centralized process spans the entire organization, from marketing to sales, delivery, product development, customer support, and finance, enhancing efficiency. This thorough integration helps ensure that customers and users are onboarded as efficiently as possible, keeping Retriever true to its promise of delivering excellent service while also achieving higher margins.

"Our Nordic sales team can now create accurate quotes in minutes  with vloxq and the best part - it's all integrated into HubSpot CRM."
- Retriever CRO Alexander Mason

Improvements to Be Made

Recently, Retriever, in collaboration with vloxq, updated the method of transmitting data from vloxq CPQ to HubSpot CRM. This update has improved the reporting capabilities for forecasting, providing accurate and detailed information about which products are sold, where they are sold, and the associated discounts and price levels. 

The next step is to fully develop the solution’s quote section. This update will allow for greater flexibility in customer-specific customization, featuring dynamic texts, images, and suitable reference cases tailored to product types, geographic regions, and customer categories.

About Retriever: Retriever is the leading company in media analysis and communication insight in the Nordics. Retriever is driven by understanding our customers' reality - and being able to give our customers the insight they need to make better decisions. They’ve been leading the digital transformation of the Media Monitoring industry for over a decade, by introducing the latest technology to the market and by adapting our business to the constantly evolving data landscape. Read more on their website

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