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We are vloxq

The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) system category has been around for over 20 years and in the US 83% of all sales people, regardless of industry or company size, have some form of quote configurator. The remarkable thing is that there has been no system-independent CPQ provider for mid-sized companies in Europe. Until now!
This is us

We are solving a problem that no one has solved for 20 years

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Based on a basic idea

The founders of vloxq have all worked on, managed or founded surrounding systems such as ERP (business system), CRM, e-signing or sales intelligence systems. So we have both experienced and seen a growing problem where sales people should be able to present the entire product portfolio, provide the customer with a decision-making basis and, at the same time, give a professional impression.

Different types of customers - same type of issues

A common issue that our customers had before they started working with us at vloxq was that there were too many manual steps to put together a quotation. This entailed a risk that something would go wrong somewhere along the way, which affected both margins and the customer's perception of the company. All too often, large and very complex excels were used.

CPQ is exactly what it sounds like

The secret? Putting together the entire flow - from quote to delivery and invoice. And that's exactly what we are experts in.

Unique customer solutions

Our customer solutions are unique for each customer and we, together with you and other system partners, ensure that the entire flow works optimally together. This gives you higher internal and external efficiency, while reducing the risk of manual and costly mistakes.

Our story

A company journey that has just begun

Are you following us into the future?

Ellen vloxq
2020 - April

The idea is born

Just a few months after Covid-19 strikes Europe, Andreas decides it's time to gather a great team to solve a problem he been thinking of too long.

Ellen vloxq
2020 - October

The company is founded

After months of product development, vloxq International AB is officially founded.

Ellen vloxq
2021 - September

We win the "SaaSiest Startup in the Nordics"

Somewhat taken but incredibly happy, we find out that we've won the pitch competition that's arranged during SaaS Nordic.

Ellen vloxq
2022 - March

G2 Higher Performer Spring 2022

We receive our first award as High Performer in the CPQ category with an overall rating of 4.7/5

Ellen vloxq
2022 - August

G2 Momentum Leader Fall 2022

We're ranked as a Momentum Leader in the CPQ category globally.

Without our customers, none of the above would have been possible.

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Team vloxq

Well, a selection of the team at least.

andreas granstedt
Andreas Granstedt

Andreas is a serial entrepreneur who has a background in founding successful companies, such as Upsales and PE Accounting. He brings knowledge of how to effectively scale a business through his current role as the acting Chairman of vloxq. He has a passion for utilizing technology to improve people's lives and solve problems.

wilma eriksson
Wilma Eriksson
Co-founder & CRO

Wilma's background consists of several years of working in sales and partnership and has extensive experience in complex solutions, startups and scaling companies to profitability. She is entrepreneurial to the core and a drive to find the best solution in everything she does. Wilma has worked successfully with ERP, CRM, Sales Enablement and e-signature.

wilma@vloxq.com+46 (0)704-810128
emil westrin
Emil Westrin
Co-founder & CEO

Emil has experience in growing an organization, having been involved in building Vainu to 150 employees and 150 million SEK in revenue. He was very frustrated with the challenges of creating quotes for his sales team during his time at Vainu. Emil has a background in professional sports and believes in the power of strong teams.

emil@vloxq.com+46 (0)702-162599
max thoursie
Max Thoursie

Max has experience in building products from scratch and was a key member at Spotify where he was hire number 13, during that time he built several key features that are used by millions of users today. Max is an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to teach promising developers.


We're hiring!

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alexander isacson
Alexander Isacson

Alexander has over 15 years of experience in project management and has worked at companies such as Accenture, Postnord, and Nordea. He has a wealth of experience with both business and technology, and this is highlighted by his recent role as CTO at PE Accounting.