KH-Maskin: Streamlining the quotation process with Vloxq CPQ
Apr 13, 2023

KH-Maskin: Streamlining the quotation process with Vloxq CPQ

vloxq CPQ for KH-Maskin

Background: KH-Maskin and the challenges of manual calculations

KH-Maskin is a leading machine dealer in Sweden that specializes in selling construction machinery, both directly and through dealers. Before they started using vloxq CPQ, they worked manually with their price calculations and configurations of machines in Excel spreadsheets. This led to problems linking information from their CRM system (Upsales) and ERP system (Pyramid), as well as uncertainty about whether they were using the latest version of Excel calculations when preparing quotes.

Choice of platform: The reason why KH-Maskin chose vloxq CPQ

KH-Maskin was contacted by vloxq in the fall of 2021 as vloxq saw similarities between KH-Maskin and other machine trading companies they had already helped, such as Hako. After evaluating vloxq CPQ, KH-Maskin realized that the platform could solve their manual workflows and offer the flexibility they needed to support their business processes. Previously, KH-Maskin had tried to integrate their quotation process into Upsales CRM, but it turned out that the system was not flexible enough to handle their specific machine trading needs. KH Machine felt that they needed a solution that could support specific needs for their industry, such as guided selection of equipment and attachments, the ability to calculate a trade-in machine and different financing options for the customer.

Impact of the solution: Faster quotes, better follow-up and happy dealers

Since implementing vloxq CPQ in early 2022, KH-Maskin has gained full control of its quoting process and reduced the time it takes to create a complete quote to a tenth of the time. The integration with Upsales CRM has also improved their business tracking and forecasting. Since the launch, they have expanded the use of vloxq to include quoting of stocked pre-configured machines and offered their dealers the ability to use the platform to configure and quote machines or quickly get price quotes.

Customer recommendation: Sales manager gives vloxq a thumbs up

Sales Manager Björn Elander at KH-Maskin strongly recommends vloxq to other machine trading companies that still work manually with machine and quote configuration. He praises vloxq for being solution-oriented and gives an extra gold star to Solution Expert Niklas, who is always quick and helpful in his feedback.

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